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Schedule for any game time changes prior to Saturday morning.
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We are excited to be getting back to basketball with all that is going in the world currently. We thank each team participating for signing up and allowing us to host your organization. Coaches below you will find plenty of information to help you this weekend. Please pass all information to your players and parents to help us put on the best event possible. We are going to clear the front entrance so crowds do not form.

We ask that all teams arrive no more than 15 mins early. Your team and its Spectators will only be allowed in the gym for your games ONLY.

All teams are required to have a personal roster to leave at check-In, as well as access to current school year.  Failure to do so could result in forfeits and prolonged team check-in.
COVID-19 Guidelines

Sanitizing Requirements

Prior to the start of each scheduling block, the prior block participants and spectators will exit. The GBL staff will sanitize the TEAM benchesdoorknobs, Entry ways, Railings, & other common high traffic surfaces prior to letting in the next scheduling block participants and spectators.

COACHES THERE IS A MAXIMUM OF 250 SPECTATORS ALLOTTED per session. Signage will be found in the gym to designate each team’s seating location and marking of social distancing. Please adhere to these seating arrangements and sit with your organization only.

Spectators will be provided with hand sanitizer at entry way.

When Players and Coaches arrive, they will go through temperature check. Once cleared Coaches and Players will be provided with hand sanitizer. During the games hand sanitizer will be provided at each bench. Players are required to sanitize their hands prior to entering & exiting the game. Referees will also sanitize the game ball during play stoppage.

At the end of the game each team must discard all trash. No post game handshakes will take place. If a new team is coming to the bench that bench will be sanitized prior to the next team coming.

Spectator Requirements 

Our goal is to keep spectators as safe as possible and minimize contact with other patrons. To ensure minimal contact it is necessary that all patrons attend only during their teams scheduling block. Spectators will be allowed into the venue after players and coaches have been processed. We ask that all spectators adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines. When you arrive, you will see markings to form a line. You will also see 6ft markings in the bleachers and a designated section for families. All spectators are required to wear a Face MaskAny spectator without a Face Mask or with a fever will not be permitted.

2021 GBL will highlight some of the regions top teams. Event scouting from Source Hoops, and Live game streaming from Player Stream TV. GBL’s multi-media platforms are used to reach broad audiences throughout the nation.  



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