GBL Sponsorship Opportunities

GBL, LLC (GBL) has a history of developing and maintaining loyal sponsor relationships. GBL series of events will hosts 12 Tournament championships for all of its 500 teams annually.  The level of competition draws spectators from all over the Nation to witness the best of the best compete for the prestigious NCAA Certified and Non-Certified events.

Our corporate sponsored events range from presenting sponsorships of various events to the official provider of certain products.  Annual contributions of corporate sponsorship can range from various levels.

Benefits of becoming a corporate sponsor of the GBL are abundant. A sponsorship provides a company with access to a varied cross-section of Florida’s and surrounding states population including:

  • High school and middle school aged student-athletes, their peers, and friends
  • Parents and other family members of all ages from various ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Sponsorship can enhance a company’s public relations efforts by stimulating statewide community feeling that the company embraces and recognizes the importance of Upper school and Lower school athletics.  This investment will make a positive lasting impression on student-athletes, parents and fans alike which will develop brand awareness and lead to brand loyalty.

Numerous sponsorship opportunities are available depending upon the exposure, specific program, and benefits your company desires. Custom-made packages can be designed for the specific needs of your company.  Consider joining the elite group of existing GBL Corporate Sponsors!

GBL Tournaments offer a limited number of Local, Regional and National sponsorship opportunities.   GBL Tournaments directly reaches thousands of fans, players and teams across the United States.   Below you will see packages available.  We work with each Sponsor to ensure the best return on investment for your business.

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