What we do

An established Tournament series and basketball event management company. GBL has developed a reputation of providing players maximum exposure through opportunities to play on a premiere stage. Through relationships with national recruiting services, hundreds of college coaches, and concerted networking efforts, we offer a foundation for player contacts. GBL’s multi-media platforms are used to reach broad audiences throughout the nation.  As a service, GBL provides team registration services, including solicitation of teams for tournaments; securing team commitments; develop brackets; communicates to secure possible sponsorship’s; conduct tournament preparation, marketing activities and consultations.

We offer consultations via phone or in-person to advise for their tournament(s). From quick questions, to more in-depth problem solving, to modification of an existing event, we’re here to help.

Consultations are available three ways:

  1. 📞   Telephone consultation with one of our tournament specialist: This is the best option for quick questions and advice regarding events. Please note that any tournament site lay-out work requires an in-person site visit. To ensure accuracy, we cannot work off photos, Skype calls, videos, etc.
  2. 🚗   Onsite consultation within the North Florida: One of our event experts will conduct a site visit to answer any and all questions regarding teams benches, officials lockers, quick fixes, and strategy. This consultation does not constitute a full-scale site visit – it is intended to advise host on their tournament(s).
  3. ✈️   Onsite consultation outside of the North Florida: If you live outside of the South Eastern region of the United States, we can schedule an onsite consultation on a first come, first served basis.


Consultation Cost Overview:

  •  Phone consultation services are offered at an hourly rate with a one-hour minimum. Beyond one hour, we bill in 15-minute increments.
  • Local consultation services (within the North Florida region of the United States) are offered at an hourly rate, with a one-hour minimum. Beyond one hour, we bill in 15-minute increments. In addition there is a per mile mileage fee round trip from our Tallahassee location. If your location is more than one hour round trip Tallahassee there is a per hour travel time fee after the first hour. Tolls will also be billed to the client.
  • Site visits outside of the North Florida area: These costs vary depending on the location of the project as lodging, plane fares, car rental, etc. will be required. This fee will also depend on the scale and scope of the consultation (e.g., tournament development design, performing registration and brackets, or giving advice on a event that is already in progress). Minimum cost will be for four hours of consultation.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please email: INFO@GBLONLINE.US